Desktop Review: My Initial Thoughts on the Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife.

This is a quick desktop review of a knife that I received in the mail today from Amazon. The Morakniv Companion. Quick Summary: The knife is an incredible deal for less than $13.00 shipped to your house. Some features: Swedish Made. (Check out their video of their manufacturing facility.) Carbon Steel blade. No-slip grip is very comfortable. […]

Homesteading Means Learning How to Fix and Make Your Own! – How To Replace A Heating Element in Your Electric Oven.

*This post is what I intended to write on my last post but what came out there wanted to be written instead of this. So tonight you get a two-fer. This is a quick tutorial on how to replace a heating element in an electric oven. This is HOW I DID IT. It’s not intended […]

Homesteading Means Learning AND Doing. Don’t Just Read About It!

** I WASN’T BORN INTO THIS** Some of my first broccoli – gone to seed. I read about it “bolting” but I didn’t understand how fast it could happen! I’ve went through a few stages in my life. I’ve been through a few in my homesteading life. Before Y2K (you remember that right?) I just […]

Technology on the Homestead. Why I’m Installing Cameras on my House.

I’m a homesteader, but I’m no Luddite (modern definition). FIRST THINGS FIRST If you’re not sure what a Luddite is check out the link. Most times the term “Luddite” is used it is used as a weapon and hurled as an epithet. Even Luddites then weren’t what people today want Luddites to be. They protested unethical use […]

25 Days In… My Time on Steemit So Far.

This is a short recap of my time on Steemit. I’m writing it as a waymark of my journey. My intent is to be honest, to be transparent, and to hopefully learn something in comments. These are my impressions right now, at this point, where I am with what I know (which admittedly isn’t much). […]

Grafting Apple Trees – Part Two

The second post/video of grafting apple trees using the AGPTek Grafting Tool. It was our first time using it and it worked great. We bought our rootstock through Lawyers Nursery and the Scions were sent from a homesteading friend (Thanks Dona!) from Maine. If you feel the need to comment about how dangerous my son was […]

Build A Fruit Picker For Next to Nothing!

I have the second part of my Apple Grafting video ready to publish but surprise of all surprises Dtube was acting up. So instead, you get this article about building a Fruit Picker! I sincerely hope you find it useful! If you follow any of my writing and homesteading adventures for any length of time […]

She’s More Than My Partner… She’s My Wife.

It’s Valentine’s Day.  Yes, it’s manufactured and exploited holiday that fills the coffers of the retailer and distributors of “STUFF”. Yes, I could rail on this and proclaim how important it is to celebrate your loved one every other day. Sure, that’s easy enough to do. We like to rail on things in America. That’s […]

Bob’s “Make-Do” Greenhouse! Plastic Water Pipe, 6 Mil Barrier and Duct Tape.

Use It Up, Go Without, Make it Do, or Do Without! I’d give credit for this saying if I could find out who to give credit to. The saying is generally attributed to those who went through the Great Depression. Perhaps it’s fitting that this perfect utilitarian, practical, homestead-spirited saying is assigned to a whole […]

How to Make Your Own Butter and Store it Without Refrigeration!

Make  your own butter with a whole raw milk and a little patience!   Whole raw milk means that it’s not homogenized and it’s not pasteurized.  You can use pasteurized if that’s what you have available or prefer, but you will need to make sure it’s non-homogenized.   This is from a local dairy that […]