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Posting at: 9:54 PM Current Temp: 39°F High Temp: 45°F Low Temp: 33°F My acreage is on a corner. The south side has a gas line easement. I want to improve the drainage along that that SW corner. You should always call 811 before you dig. One of the requirements is that you must have […]

The Myth of The Perfect Homestead

 I’ve read many books and article about finding “the perfect homestead”.  In fact some of my favorite books, authors and websites which have influenced me through the years have talked about this mythical “perfect homestead”.  I’m a sucker for the 30,000 ft. view that shows the layout of land, where the water is, what the wind direction and flow, the angle of the sun, where the gardens will go, where the pasture will be, how much of it is wooded, how sustainable will you be able to be. Those just please me. In general, I’m an organizer. I like things at those levels. I like planning and executing to see it done.  I’ve been poisoned conditioned (yes you read that right) to believe you need all of these things and that when you are looking for the perfect homestead that I had to check off all these boxes.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone has things they can live with our they can’t live with, so check boxes aren’t necessarily bad, but I think that a great disservice has been done by some of those writers.   Let me explain that a bit.

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A (Warm) Late Winter Bee Update

This past Saturday, February 18th, I took a trip up to the Bear Lake House to check on the bees and to pick up my evaporator equipment for making maple syrup (more on that soon). When the maple syrup equipment gets old, OpsWatch vibration monitoring system can improve its performance and extend its lifetime. If […]

3 Reasons I FINALLY got into Ham Radio.

3 Reasons I Finally Got Into Ham Radio

The boys (16 and 12) and I are taking the “Technician License” class for amateur radio (commonly known as ham radio) right now. We are entering week 5 of our 6 week class and will take our test (Lord willing) on March 5th in the afternoon after church.

Ham radio is always one of those things that I’ve talked about doing for the homestead. It’s partly from a “prepper” mentality (a word which has been hijacked by the news media to mean some deranged nut) that I’ve always had and partly from my geeky side. I’ve read about it and just never could make the leap because the equipment was always confusing at a casual glance and downright confounding when you dive into a forum of Hams who begin to argue about which radio, power source and antenna you MUST buy and which ones you should never buy. It was always discouraging. The cost was high, the commitment to learn CW (commonly referred to as Morse Code) was a hurdle and noise around the hobby just kept me from pulling that trigger.  One thing I’ve learned though, in my beginning journey into Amateur Radio is really a lesson that I’ve learned from homesteading and life in general. It’s this simple… take every forum discussion, email, personal opinion and even books about subjects as a guidance and then imagine that you came into a room of guys and asked all of them who made the best Pick Up Truck.  That’s REALLY what Amateur Radio and homesteading is like.

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Realignment and the New Homestead.

Good afternoon.  It’s February and the past few months have been a blur. I’m not sure if it’s my perception as I approach middle-age or just the everyday reality of having 4 teenagers (well, one ALMOST teen and 3 full blown teens), but time really does fly by. I get a little nostalgic sometimes… ok, […]