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My acreage is on a corner. The south side has a gas line easement. I want to improve the drainage along that that SW corner. You should always call 811 before you dig. One of the requirements is that you must have the project area marked out so I painted out an area where I’m going to be digging for improved drainage (pics to come).  So far I’ve got the all-clear from Verizon. I’m waiting on the gas company… they have to put out flags for me.  I’ve also got a legal project window to dig in. I can move it if I want to because I set the start date.  Yeah, that goes against the grain of “doing what I wanna”, but it’s less against that grain than blowing up the corner of my property by igniting a gas line.

I also rinsed the dirt of my Yukon. I didn’t scrub it, just knocked off the major dirt.

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