Why I raise Chickens.

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I often get asked the question “Is it cheaper to raise your own chicken?” when a someone has the idea that they want to venture into raising their own food.  “Are the eggs cheaper?” is a common question to.  Let’s be clear.  The answer is no.  It’s no on all fronts. That’s not to say that there aren’t times you beat the market, but scale of economy pretty clearly dictates that someone who is raising 20,000 chickens and 1700 dozen eggs a day is going to be more more efficient and could be able to sell at http://www.borse.pro/trading-online than I could ever hope to be. It’s not cheaper.  I’m even going to be bold and tell you it’s probably not going to taste as good as store bought chicken… or McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Subway bought chicken.  There is a reason for that.  You don’t know what chicken tastes like.  You *THINK* you know what chicken tastes like, but what you really think is chicken isn’t really chicken.

This story about Subway’s chicken sandwich in Canada not really being a majority of chicken is shocking to some people.  Those people are surprised and concerned that this study might be true. Of course, Subway has denied it. Here’s the thing though, the percentage of chicken DNA is just a discussion point because none of those places serve 100% chicken. They don’t have to, and you probably wouldn’t like it if they did. Most modern Americans (and Canadians) don’t know what real chicken tastes like because they don’t buy real chicken and the US and Canadian governments allow that.

You don’t buy real chicken at Wal*Mart (or most anywhere) most likely.  Real chicken isn’t salty and savory and it varies from chicken to chicken. Some taste better than others. Have you ever really looked at your chicken?  Check out the verbiage on the labeling in the picture. “Chicken Breasts” * – well with some rib meat too… oh and 15% “broth”.  Broth isn’t chicken.  Oh, and this is “all natural” too.

Now in full disclosure I don’t raise all the chickens I eat. Not by a long shot. But I DO raise some of it and I know what real chicken tastes like. I always enjoy reading the stories of people who raise their first chickens and talk about how tough they are, how bland, etc.

But, the reason I raise my own and my eggs is because I do know for  a fact that it’s 100% chicken.  It’s not cheaper. It’s not easier… but I need to do it much more often.

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