CQ CQ CQ – KC3ISO – I Got my License!

  Yesterday the boys and I went down after church and took our Technician Test for Ham Radio.

Myself and Noah passed the test.  My 12 year old did not. While I was there I went ahead took my General Test. Surprisingly, I passed that too!  Noah took it but did not pass it.

As much grief as I give the government sometimes I have to give kudos to the FCC.GOV site.  They had the information uploaded and updated by 10:00 AM today (maybe earlier).

So as I drove home from work today I ventured, very timidly into the world of Ham Radio with a “Radio Check”.  A little later in the evening I talked to a few people. One guy down near Lancaster, PA (through one of the local repeaters connected to the WAN) and then later one of the guys in the “Breakfast Club”.  The Breakfast Club is a group of fellows that a lot of us listen to between 6:00 and 6:30 AM while driving in to work.

I have so much to learn.  Hope to catch you out there!

KC3ISO – 73 – Over.


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