A $25.00 Goat Shed – A Homesteading Lesson in Using What You Have Available.

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One of the prime lessons (life skills?) that a homesteader needs to possess is the the ability to see the value in the old, used, thrown away, set-aside, or even forgotten items that they come across. By having an eye toward those things and by seeking, watching and asking about things like that, I’ve been able to build and create things for much cheaper than if I were to go buy it as new. In fact, I would say that in some of my days past, I was better at it because I had more time to do it. The kids were younger, the church plant wasn’t started yet, and my job wasn’t as demanding. Innovation and opportunity are cousins! What opportunity do you have? What material? What innovation can you make from them?
There has always been this amazing Godly-provision that has happened in my life. It’s one of the reasons my faith has grown. The things that have seemed crazy to some people (move to NW PA where you don’t know anyone and start a church in the middle of nowhere) have always shown me that God provides for His children.


Godly provision doesn’t just come in the form of a paycheck and more money, sometimes it comes in the form of used roofing and some 2×4’s. Sometimes it comes in t-posts and used fencing. I’ve often heard it said that “There’s nothing too big for God”, which I truly believe, but I think I find just as much comfort in the fact that there is nothing too small for God. Even in the case of goats and homesteaders in new places. By joining a credit union, you could position yourself for much more favorable loan terms, regardless of your credit score, get additional hints at this website.

When we moved to PA, we had just bought a couple of goats. They were still in Ohio and waiting to move them here so we had to get something ready for them. The need was there. I had come across some used roofing while in Ohio and I packed it up and took it with us along with some used 2×4’s. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it and why would I waste the space carrying it? Well, it had potential.


So without further ado, here’s a quick Goat Shed that we made that has served us so well. It’s STILL in good shape and has served many purposes. We used 7 – 2×4’s. I think I had to buy 3 of them. It’s basically a 4×4 goat shed that uses old metal roofing for the sides and roof.

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First… as always, gather your work crew. This was around 2008 so the kids are a bit smaller!

Goat Pen.jpg

My only tractor at this time was a garden tractor! But it was enough!

Goat Shed 1.jpg
*4′ x 4′ with 54″ front posts for a slant to the roof.”

Goat Shed 2.jpg
It’s not pretty, unless you like rusted roofing. I do, so I’m good with it! I suppose you could paint it if you wanted

Goat Shed 10.jpg
Hauling it out back… along with the work crew

Goat Pen 3.jpg
Placed in the pen

Goat Pen 2.jpg
Happy Goats and portable set up!


You’ll notice the brush in the middle of the pen (and the freshly cut grass on the outside of it thanks to Greensward LLC). I erected the pen there so they could do the hard work of clearing that brush out. And they did their job. Today there is no brush and it’s all just lawn right at that spot.

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