Grafting Apple Trees – Getting Started (Part 1)

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If all goes as planned there will be a video to accompany this short post. I also wanted to make a couple of quick notes. I’m going to show you a grafting tool today. They only cost around $25.00 on (scratch that, they are actually $15.00 now) but if you don’t have one, you can still graft fruit trees. I just have wanted to try this with one of these.

Video here:!/v/homesteaderslife/40kz4prk

Getting Started

If you watch the video you’ll see I had an assortment of items available on the table. I’ll just layout some pics and descriptions here.

grafting tool.jpg
This is the grafting tool. Future videos will show it in use.

These are a few of the other tools I had on hand.

These are the scions. They are what grow and bear the type of fruit you want.

Types to cut out.jpgList of scions (or what apple tree I’m grafting to create) to tape onto the grafts when I’m finished

Helpers and rootstock.jpgMy faithful helpers and the rootstock (in the box


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