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Unleash the Power of

I think that there are some positive and unique things about Steemit that have attracted me here that I want to try to leverage for the benefit of the Homesteading Community. I think we may be able to do this here in a collaborative fashion. I’m going to post a photo of the beginnings of a Homesteading Calendar that I’ve started.

Because of the potential for an engaged community (hey, it PAYS to be engaged here!) I think we have a unique opportunity to actually hear from people who are DOING things and who are MAKING things. That’s exciting. That should excite us as homesteaders. We should always be MAKERS instead of just TAKERS! Let’s unleash that power!

My Vision

My vision for this calendar would probably be a Google Sheets (spreadsheet) type document that you could enter your zip code and it would show your zone and create a calendar that would remind you of things that you should be doing at various times of the year. There’s a lot of potential on how this could work (and a lot of people that probably have the know-how or pieces of the know-how to make this a great collaborative process that is useful and profitable for homesteaders. By profitable, I mean that it makes us more efficient and able to accomplish our goals.

We Have To Start Somewhere!

The realization of what it COULD or MIGHT be shouldn’t hinder us from gathering information! I know it might not work or it might not work perfectly for you, but the idea of a sheet that might be able to give me a “to-do” list of things or reminders of things is pretty attractive to me.

Here’s my calendar list. It’s not “ULTIMATE” yet, but it can be with your help.

12 Month Homestead Calendar.jpg
A Starting Point

Here’s Where YOU Come In!

I’ll gather the data if you have the data, but you need to share with me.

  1. What other task/chore/seasonal item should be added to this list?
  2. What month(s) does this happen or should happen for you?
  3. What zone are you in?

Now, this is where you, being a homesteader on STEEMIT.COM can step in and participate to help make something potentially great for other people who might have a need.

Please respond in the comments.

Also, please pass along to others. The more people that participate in this, the more information we will get.

If you like this kind of information and collaboration, consider an upvote and a follow!

Now… Ready. Set. Go!


I owe you a WINNER! If you had a chance to participate in this post, I want to thank you. I got a nice list of potential books to purchase and read and made some friends!  I also want to encourage you to learn and do and GROW WHERE YOU ARE!

I hope to consistently give you high quality content (although my primary purpose is truly to fulfill the need that I have to write) and will definitely host more giveaways. So if you’ve not followed me, please do!  I hope to grow this platform and I also hope to make it my permanent home, but we’ll see how that develops.


When you are a bivocational pastor and homesteader, sometimes things take a little longer than you hope. I was going to pick this Saturday night but tonight is the first night I’ve had the time. Honestly I came home and pretty much passed out for three hours.

I’ll post the video here. Note, it will be hosted on YouTube because after my first experience of successfully posting a video on D.Tube, I’ve not been able to do it again.  That’s rather disappointing honestly.  So I’m still looking for a host. Someone recommended Vimeo, I may check them out but I’ve got this set up now and will use it grudgingly.

So without further ado, here is the video:

CONGRATULATIONS @mtnmommameadow on winning Carla Emery’s Encyclopedia for Country Living!

Please send an email to TheModernHomestead  AT with your home address and I will get the book sent out to you! It will come via

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