Raised Beds, Cattle Panels and Green Beans. You may never grow green beans the same again.

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Summer Dreamin’ and Garden Planning

The snow is back today and we’re back into the single digits. I was telling some friends today that I would rather just have the snow and 25°F the rest of the winter instead of the 50°F day that we had last Friday. Why? Because I get anxious for garden projects. So, it’s a GREAT time of the year to review what has worked for you in the past and what you want to do this year.

I thought I’d share a quick post here to show you how we raised our green beans one year. This was in our raised bed toward the house. The raised beds were some rough sawn white oak that we got from the local lumber mill. I’m a big fan of combo panels actually (I used Cattle Panels in the title because it’s the most easy for people to identify). We have about 8 – 10 that we use for various things (including actual fence but they are so useful they get used for other things. In fact we used them on our grape trellis also. (This is part one, check it out and upvote if you like it).

102_9133.JPGCombo Panel over the raised bed

First we stood the panel straight up and then I used a 2×4 to screw into the raised bed. Then we bent the panel over and did the same thing on the other side. The one in the foreground had green peppers and tomatoes in it. We used it as a little greenhouse both early in the season and then again in the fall to extend the season.

102_9129.JPGPole beans hanging there so easy to pick. My 6’5″ frame likes this better than the bush beans.

This was a little bit of an experiment but it’s a great way if you have limited space in your garden… because you should “GROW WHERE YOU ARE” 🙂 Yes, I’ll keep repeating that.

2010-08-01 16.34.47.jpgBush beans in the back garden

Don’t worry… we had plenty of bush beans in place also. Thankfully I have people who are nearer to the ground to pick them!

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