25 Days In… My Time on Steemit So Far.

This is a short recap of my time on Steemit and taking advantage of these heating repair services layton ut. I’m writing it as a waymark of my journey. My intent is to be honest, to be transparent, and to hopefully learn something in comments. These are my impressions right now, at this point, where I am with what I know (which admittedly isn’t much). Since I’m human, I’m sure I will continue to evolve in my perception, and most certainly in my knowledge. Feel free to jump in with your comments! It’s ok if we disagree, let’s just do it agreeably!

25 Days on Steemit
29 Posts of original content
25 Blog
4 Dtube Video
10 Resteemed Posts
350 Comments (including my responses)
221 Replies – To Me and My Posts
208 Comments – Mine (doing the math that means that I commented on other people’s posts 79 times)
77.07 – $ Earned after 7 days dwell
23.111 – Steem Power current
7.814 – Steem Dollars current
102.21 – $ In Play less than 7 Days
.327 – Avg $/upvote (includes best post of 97.22 with a single upvote of over $79.00)
.512 – Avg $/comment (Same inclusion as above)
94 – Followers
86 – Folowing
1 – Bots I use (Gina)
1 – Discord Groups I Belong To (Homesteaders Online)
0 – Number of ZERO upvote Blogs
0- Number of ZERO upvote Videos
2 – Number of ZERO comment Blogs
2 – Number of ZERO comment Videos
1 – Number of contests I’ve sponsored.
1 – Number of prizes I’ve given away.
2 – Number of items mailed to other Steemians


I like Steemit. I want to love Steemit.

What I like:

  1. Homesteading Community – I’ve met some great people that are users of rain chains.
  2. The idea of potentially earning actual money for my writing.
  3. Sharing my writing and ideas with a broad range of people.

What I’m not sure about:

  1. I’m still not sure on the best approach to build followers and Steem Power. I’ve written over a week at “Power Up” 100%. I’ve read that it may be more efficient and faster to Buy Steem, etc.
  2. If this is a true content producers venue. Outside of the blog page, (which lacks functionality like search, keywords, etc.) it’s hard to gain any continuity of writing articles. Especially if they are multi-part articles.
  3. Steem markets, tools, etc. – Basically the whole “day trading” feel of the Steem crypto currency.
  4. The best way to make more Steem. If I calculate my hours spent vs. Steem earned I’d probably get depressed! 🙂 LOL!
  5. Curation – Not even sure really how to do it.
  6. Followers – The people I’m following just go into a big “my feed” page, which I try to come through, but it sure would be nice if it were classified by their name and then I could click on them and see their articles… or.. .SOMETHING other than a big list. The “hot” category is almost always the same people or person.
  7. Dtube – I’ll tell you what… that has sure been buggy for me. I’ve tried different video types, different browsers, etc. and it’s just not a very solid platform. That REALLY disappoints me. I want to exit YouTube but I can’t right now. I mean, I’m not being monetized there anymore, but at least I can load it and use the video here and on my blog.

I don’t think I can spend 5 hours a day chasing crypto markets, curating, etc. An hour or two, that’s probably doable. I’m not whining and I’m new so I’m assuming that I will learn a lot more yet.


I’m not going anywhere. That’s not my plan. I’m too new into this yet, but right now I got the feeling that my content just sort of floats away out of interest after 7 days. It makes me not want to even curate my own material. That’s one thing about the old standard advertising/Youtube that I actually like. If something you produce does get viewed even a year later, it can get new life on different platforms with different people.

As ironic as it is that the blockchain doesn’t ever “forget”, the content seems forgotten fairly quickly. People don’t even really want to comment on stuff that’s over 7 days old because why “waste the time”, or at least it appears that way to me. It just seems like an expiration date almost. It’s like there is a constant pressure for the new and the exciting, but no value in the content you’re building.

I also know that I’m late to the platform. It seems like the growth is pretty exponential and I’m sure that it’s harder to get seen and known now than it was even a few months ago.

So… I’m not belly-aching, just sharing. I’d love to hear from you. Any sage advice (other than suck it up buttercup, but you can say that if you want to also)?

Does anyone else feel the same thing about the 7 day payout feeling like an “expiration date”?

Tell me about your jump in.

Have a good night and God bless!


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