Homesteading Means Learning How to Fix and Make Your Own! – How To Replace A Heating Element in Your Electric Oven.

*This post is what I intended to write on my last post but what came out there wanted to be written instead of this. So tonight you get a two-fer. This is a quick tutorial on how to replace a heating element in an electric oven. This is HOW I DID IT. It’s not intended to be an instructional guide and you any risks you take attempting to do a repair like this are your own. Electricity will kill you. *


If you have an electric oven in the house and the oven stops working, it might be as simple as a heating element. There are usually two of them. A top element and a bottom. I’m going to show you how I replaced the element and got back in the baking game for about $20-$30. Looking for a well respected service agents online? Visit for more information.

Stove Repair 001.jpgThe stove wasn’t heating properly. Upon inspection, something was wrong. It looks like some liquid spilled over and hit the element

Stove Repair 002.jpg
Upon closer inspection it looks like the element had a short. The typical mode of failure is that form repeated heating cycles it develops small cracks and then fails and shorts out like this.

Stove Repair 003.jpgBefore we go any further… unplug the oven. Let’s save some money but let’s not be risky about it.

Stove Repair 004.jpgWhile you have it pulled it out, you may as well clean the cobwebs up too!

Stove Repair 005.jpg*Unscrew the element mounting plate at the rear of the oven.These were a 1/4″ Slotted Hex Head Screw. You may have been able to remove them with a flat-head screw driver but this is the best way. *

Stove Repair 006.jpgPull the heating element out to expose the power connection. Red is positive and black is negative.

Stove Repair 007.jpgThese were also 1/4″ slotted hex head. Remove them. Don’t lose them!

Stove Repair 010.jpg
Everything disconnected.

Stove Repair 012.jpgPut the new element in and reconnect everything in the reverse order that you removed it.

Stove Repair 014.jpg
Close up of the damage.

Stove Repair 022.jpg
The new element in action.



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