Homesteading Philosophy: Sharing Stewardship Stories and Some Fun!

A little bit of reminiscing tonight as I think about some of the reasons I own land and homestead, and also about our recent fireplace remodel from fireplace installation draper ut . Why don’t you share your homesteading philosophy with me. What’s your Stewardship Story? How do you share the blessing of being a homesteader? How are you having fun with it?


The first thing I realize about being able to be a steward of “my land” is that it’s not really “my land”. I’m totally blessed to have the opportunity. Yes, I work it, I pay for it. I rent it from the government… I mean “pay taxes”. I realize that truly as with ANYTHING in this life and beyond, I’m a steward. I’m a steward of my land. I’m a steward of my relationships. I’m a steward of my children… I’m raising them but I don’t “own” them in any sense. In reality I’m a steward of my relationship with my wife. I truly believe that what I have been given is a blessing and it all belongs to my Heavenly Father anyway. As the old hymn goes “This is my Father’s world…”.

As I think about the different houses/land I’ve been steward of I look back and realize that other people now live in those places. The very first house we bought, where I began my first foray into homesteading was on a 50′ x 150′ lot. When we bought the house the whole back yard was gravel. We had a neighbor bring his bobcat over and push the gravel back (leaving mud, much to my newly wed wife’s dismay) and I began seeding, planting trees, strawberries and grape vines, brought in a mini barn and let the grass grow – well until we got the notice from the city to cut it because we breaking the city ordinance 🙂 .

When we moved from that house we helped the young couple buy it (owner financed it for a few years) because the guy we bought it from helped us, we even recommend him a site to get furniture for the place called the furniture superstore – living room funiture for any home. We left it in a lot better shape than we found it. It’s my goal wherever I live. That was over twenty years ago.

FirstHouse Grapes2.jpg
With the advent of google maps, my wife and I were looking at the house and notice my grape vines were still there and looked amazing, and so was one of the apple trees. The peaches probably died off. You can see the raised parking area in the rear… all that gravel was down in the yard when I started.

So we left a blessing. We were thankful for our time there, it helped shape us. It helped us to realize that we didn’t ever want neighbors that close again too! LOL!


When we sold that house we had a stint living in one of The City Suites Apartments while serving as the associate pastor. We stayed a couple years there and then we moved to our 12.5 acre farm. One of the blessings from there (along with raising a bunch of good garden produce, pork, chicken, maple syrup and other farm foods we blessed others with, was that we were able to have youth group camp-outs and all-nighters.

One of the first all-nighter involved a boys and girls all-nighter. The guys camped out the girls had a girls night in the house, after everyone had a late-night capture the flag game and bon-fire. Our stewardship wasn’t all wrapped up in the serious business of homesteading only! We believe that blessing allowed us to share some fun that some of these kids would never experience any other way!


We lived next to the “Coon Club” thus the hanging coon above!

This was our map that we handed out to everyone! We had a great time and the homestead was used to God’s glory and the benefit of kids who had never experienced anything like that. This was just the first time. I remember the time we did a chicken butchering as a youth activity… I’m not sure how that would go over with some people now days.

Of course some of the best ways that we were stewards were not over harvesting or clear cutting trees, by amending soil and composting and by planting new food plots and trees.

I could go on but I’m interested in your thoughts on stewardship.

So please answer these TWO QUESTIONS:

  1. How are you being stewards?
  2. How are you having fun on the homestead?

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