Homesteading Projects: My Garage Feed Barge!

Chicken feed.

It’s not just for chickens! Coons like it, rats and mice like it, birds like it. How do I know? Well, my children when they were younger (they’re mostlybetter now) used to drop it when feeding the chickens. They’d loose the scoop, grab something else to make do and make a mess. We store the food (Chicken, Rabbit, Dog) in trash cans but we wouldn’t leave the lids on them, we wouldn’t put the bag of feed in them and when the food fell around the base it wasn’t easy to clean up. Maybe you know what I’m talking about? I just love creating new appliances for my home, but when I need new ones then I really have to get the best deals and inform myself on what I’m buying first, like this article on buying a dryer and other items.

A feedbag, left open for anything to get into it. At least the scoop was there this time.

Of course we had garbage cans, but they were a whole 4 feet away.


I knew I’d have to work with the feeding crew to solve some of the problems, but I knew if I made it easier to move, fill and clean when they made a mess, that the job would get done more often. We also try to keep the house clean, since my wife love everything need and she have allergies, we even needed to get a air purifier from so her allergies don’t develop.

Grab a few 2×4’s and place your cans (with lids on) next to each and measure. Measure a little more than half way up and then add a couple of inches to your length and width. Put some cheap casters on it! If you have some old decking 5/4″ board from a project like I do, you can use it. If not, use plywood or whatever you have available.

*All ready to ROLL! Like, literally. Now if food fell, we’d roll it and sweep it immediately.”

The cans all in place with lids in place… and a scoop for each can. (not pictured)

We penciled in the feed type that went into each container and eventually used a sharpie to not it.


Since the build we added hooks for the feed scoops and chains on the lids.

It’s a lot easier to clean and they can roll the feed barge over to the feed and not have to carry it as far. It works for us.

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What have you done for storing your feed to make it easier to handle and clean? How do you keep unwanted critters out?

Tell me in the comments!

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