@homesteaderslife’s Chicken Series: My Best Dollar for Dollar Chicken Brooder.

Cost Vs. Value. Everything comes down to cost vs. value. When I look at the value of something I take into account how long I plan/need to use it, how long it will last, and how much it will cost over that time. If I’m short sighted, I’ll look only at the how much the […]

Bob’s Super Coop Chicken Tractor – Reflections

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Why I raise Chickens.

Posting at: 7:28 PM Current Temp: 21°F High Temp: 28°F Low Temp: 15°F I often get asked the question “Is it cheaper to raise your own chicken?” when a someone has the idea that they want to venture into raising their own food.  “Are the eggs cheaper?” is a common question to.  Let’s be clear.  The […]