Homesteading Projects: My Garage Feed Barge!

Chicken feed. It’s not just for chickens! Coons like it, rats and mice like it, birds like it. How do I know? Well, my children when they were younger (they’re mostlybetter now) used to drop it when feeding the chickens. They’d loose the scoop, grab something else to make do and make a mess. We store […]

Homesteading Know-How: Making Staghorn Sumac Lemonade.

Live in the north and can’t raise lemons for lemonade? You can still have lemonade! You can have it from the Staghorn Sumac – Rhus Typhina. I’ve made it and you can too. Here’s a quick, brief tutorial for utilizing what many believe to be a ‘trash tree’. FIRST: IDENTIFY A TREE Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia They will […]

Homesteading Philosophy: Sharing Stewardship Stories and Some Fun!

A little bit of reminiscing tonight as I think about some of the reasons I own land and homestead, and also about our recent fireplace remodel from fireplace installation draper ut . Why don’t you share your homesteading philosophy with me. What’s your Stewardship Story? How do you share the blessing of being a homesteader? How are […]

How to Build Your Own Sign For The Homestead On The Cheap! (What’s Your Homestead Name?)

Maybe I’m the only one who has done this, but have you named your homestead or your farm? If so, comment down below what the name is. Maybe you want a sign? Here’s an easy sign I made. I mean it. It’s easy. You can do it. My whole sign, including the sign post and […]

@homesteaderslife’s Chicken Series: My Best Dollar for Dollar Chicken Brooder.

Cost Vs. Value. Everything comes down to cost vs. value. When I look at the value of something I take into account how long I plan/need to use it, how long it will last, and how much it will cost over that time. If I’m short sighted, I’ll look only at the how much the […]

Homesteading Philosophy: About That Vacation… Your Family Needs It!

This is just my opinion and homesteading philosophy on a few topics. The purpose is really to start a discussion. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! A topic that seems to come up with homesteaders is the topic of vacation. Usually the statements go something like this: “I can’t get away from […]

How To Buy A Tractor – The ~~Final~~ List

Please read the first article here and the second article here to get the story of my learning curve from my previous tractor purchases. I’m no expert, I’m just a guy who does stuff. My special power is making mistakes that cost me time or money and then, after paying the price of admission, learning from my mistakes and […]

Fix It Yourself! – Changing The Brakes and Rotors on a 2003 Mazda Tribute

This is a video and tutorial on how I repaired and replaced the brakes and rotors on my daughter’s 2003 Mazda Tribute. As always, this is offered up as an example of how I did it. If you chose to make any repairs you do so at your own risk. Sustainability and Self-Efficiency (yes EFFICIENCY, […]

Desktop Review: My Initial Thoughts on the Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife.

This is a quick desktop review of a knife that I received in the mail today from Amazon. The Morakniv Companion. Quick Summary: The knife is an incredible deal for less than $13.00 shipped to your house. Some features: Swedish Made. (Check out their video of their manufacturing facility.) Carbon Steel blade. No-slip grip is very comfortable. […]

Homesteading Means Learning How to Fix and Make Your Own! – How To Replace A Heating Element in Your Electric Oven.

*This post is what I intended to write on my last post but what came out there wanted to be written instead of this. So tonight you get a two-fer. This is a quick tutorial on how to replace a heating element in an electric oven. This is HOW I DID IT. It’s not intended […]