The Homesteader’s Dilemma! Fix It or Start From New?

The Homesteader’s Dilemma Most of us don’t start our homestead straight from raw land. but I know some of you have. I applaud you, but that’s not what most of us are doing. In fact, in my opinion, part of the homesteading spirit is that desire to reclaim pieces of the past that have been […]

Why I raise Chickens.

Posting at: 7:28 PM Current Temp: 21°F High Temp: 28°F Low Temp: 15°F I often get asked the question “Is it cheaper to raise your own chicken?” when a someone has the idea that they want to venture into raising their own food.  “Are the eggs cheaper?” is a common question to.  Let’s be clear.  The […]

Today’s Tidbit

Posting at: 9:54 PM Current Temp: 39°F High Temp: 45°F Low Temp: 33°F My acreage is on a corner. The south side has a gas line easement. I want to improve the drainage along that that SW corner. You should always call 811 before you dig. One of the requirements is that you must have […]