Technology on the Homestead. Why I’m Installing Cameras on my House.

I’m a homesteader, but I’m no Luddite (modern definition). (FYI if you need ornamental iron fence installation phoenix az I can hook you up) FIRST THINGS FIRST If you’re not sure what a Luddite is check out the link. Most times the term “Luddite” is used it is used as a weapon and hurled as an epithet. Even […]

25 Days In… My Time on Steemit So Far.

This is a short recap of my time on Steemit and taking advantage of these heating repair services layton ut. I’m writing it as a waymark of my journey. My intent is to be honest, to be transparent, and to hopefully learn something in comments. These are my impressions right now, at this point, where […]

Bob’s “Make-Do” Greenhouse! Plastic Water Pipe, 6 Mil Barrier and Duct Tape.

Use It Up, Go Without, Make it Do, or Do Without! I’d give credit for this saying if I could find out who to give credit to. The saying is generally attributed to those who went through the Great Depression. Perhaps it’s fitting that this perfect utilitarian, practical, homestead-spirited saying is assigned to a whole […]

How to Make Your Own Butter and Store it Without Refrigeration!

This is a video and tutorial on how I repaired and replaced the brakes and rotors on my daughter’s 2003 Mazda Tribute. As always, this is offered up as an example of how I did it. If you chose to make any repairs you do so at your own risk. Sustainability and Self-Efficiency (yes EFFICIENCY, […]

The Center Green of My Memory

  It’s January. Cold. Dark. Snowy. Wet. The soil is saturated from a recent thaw. How seeds survive this I do not know. Except for hope. The edges wash out gray and brown, then white, windy blown snow. The hope of life in winter bleak, lights the center green of my memory. There thrives the […]

7 Pieces of Advice to New Homestead Ham Operators (or wannabes)!

Maybe you’re like me and you have always been interested in Ham Radio and you feel it’s important to have communications on the homestead, but you don’t know where to start. I want to share my story and give some advice on getting started. But before that, visit to get some clothes coupons and […]

Shotgun Update

Quick few things… 1) 13 – Number of shots from .22 to knock the coon out of the tree that decimated 8 of my 13 chickens. 2) Garden is in… more updates on that soon. 3) Grape Trellis is coming along nicely. Video soon. 4) Busy getting ready for my daughter’s graduation. 5) 3 cubic […]

3 Reasons I FINALLY got into Ham Radio.

3 Reasons I Finally Got Into Ham Radio

The boys (16 and 12) and I are taking the “Technician License” class for amateur radio (commonly known as ham radio) right now. We are entering week 5 of our 6 week class and will take our test (Lord willing) on March 5th in the afternoon after church.

Ham radio is always one of those things that I’ve talked about doing for the homestead. It’s partly from a “prepper” mentality (a word which has been hijacked by the news media to mean some deranged nut) that I’ve always had and partly from my geeky side. I’ve read about it and just never could make the leap because the equipment was always confusing at a casual glance and downright confounding when you dive into a forum of Hams who begin to argue about which radio, power source and antenna you MUST buy and which ones you should never buy. It was always discouraging. The cost was high, the commitment to learn CW (commonly referred to as Morse Code) was a hurdle and noise around the hobby just kept me from pulling that trigger.  One thing I’ve learned though, in my beginning journey into Amateur Radio is really a lesson that I’ve learned from homesteading and life in general. It’s this simple… take every forum discussion, email, personal opinion and even books about subjects as a guidance and then imagine that you came into a room of guys and asked all of them who made the best Pick Up Truck.  That’s REALLY what Amateur Radio and homesteading is like.

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Realignment and the New Homestead.

Good afternoon.  It’s February and the past few months have been a blur. I’m not sure if it’s my perception as I approach middle-age or just the everyday reality of having 4 teenagers (well, one ALMOST teen and 3 full blown teens), but time really does fly by. I get a little nostalgic sometimes… ok, […]